Wednesday, November 03, 2004


the entire process took about an hour.

I was at a school inside of the gym, and the line wrapped all the way around the gym.

what was your trip like?



Grant said...

I posted my voting experience here.

Cubicle said...

hah hah.

Their was also a PFW ahead of me in the line.

This PFW commendeared a chair (illeagally i think) and would sit, standup, pick up the chair, move down the line with the chair in tow, then sit.

I think she actually carried it into the voting booth with her.

Dave Justus said...

I voted last week absentee. Filled out my ballot while watching television, smoking a cigarette and, when it came time to vote for the Senate, drinking some beer.

Then I walked out to the mailbox. Absentee voting rules.