Friday, November 05, 2004

Your true colors are shining through

It could be that I am viewing biased blogs, but I am reading a lot of hate coming from the party of tolerance. It is not just limited to Americans, either.

"How can 59,054,087 people be so DUMB?" Britain's liberal Daily Mirror tabloid asked. "March of the Moral Majority," said the front page of the Daily Mail, above a photo of Mr. Bush with his wife and daughters. "

Here is a list of good ones.

"Sorry, but the American people are stupid and blind and driven by hatred and fear. They can have the fucking election, I'm buying a gun."

"The unavoidably obvious explanation is that Americans are by-and-large morons. Simpleminded, uninformed and undereducated, intellectually lazy and proud in their ignorance to boot, self-important and self-righteous, arrogant and benighted idiots. They are a reflection of George W. Bush, and in him they saw themselves. That’s why they love him and trust him so. Their reality is the faith-based myth that America is blessed and always right and great and perfect and freedom is handed down by God and not manmade constitutional governments and cultures of tolerance and inquiry. The are certain that the “real” America is in the unpleasant, xenophobic, homophobic, red states in the middle, where everybody has a white picket fence in the brain and they don’t seem aware of their own squalor and the fact that they make ends meet only because the far more prosperous blue states continue to subsidize their light beer guzzling. "

"Fuck you, Ohio. Fuck you fuck you fuck you. You stupid redneck mullet-haired fucking freaks, how could you vote for Bush?"

What we are seeing among the members of the left are several of the psychological effects of losing. The anger, the rationalization, the dissociation. A good example of dissociation happens when "we" changes to "they". For example, if bush lost the election, I would said the republicans or "they" lost, but since he won, "we" won.

The shameless name calling I can accept and shrug off, but the suggestions that I am dumb bother me. Just by calling an idea dumb, does not allow you to dismiss it. Where is the political discourse? Where are their ideas? Are their ideas lost in the complex world they have made?

I do not mind if you call my ideas dumb, because I am sure I have plenty of dumb ideas, but you have to tell me why my ideas are dumb for me to listen. In other words, if the right is so dumb, they should be easy to beat, because their ideas will be bad, unworkable, and easy to point out the flaws in. Yet that is not the case, they group that defeated you in this election, is the group that you call dumb.

Well if I am dumb, then what does that make you.

Some members of the left are so prideful. Pride before the fall, my friends, pride before the fall.

Keep it simple, stupid

What is wrong with simple? Simple processes, simple ideas, and simple actions make things easy and simple. I do not what my life complex, hard to explain, or unclear. I like things simple and easy.



Vestigial Fish said...

Does this mean the Democratic party is considering reversing it's policy towards gun control? ;)

Cubicle said...

Proably not, though many might go buy some.

Which i think is a great idea. Mainly because they will see how much money the goverment makes you spend to get a gun.

It will cost me around 200 dollars just to get a licence to get a gun to stick in my waist ban some times.