Thursday, September 01, 2005

Preparedness - Sun Oven

As part of a wider preparedness strategy, you goal should be find new and novel ways of doing things outside the normal trappings of your comfortable life. In the most extreme preparedness situations, you are going to be with out power and fuel (gas, diesel, wood) could be limited or useless...Or....In a long term survival siuation where you were completely prepared, you might want to ration your stored fuel in an efficient manner.

Sunovens hold some promise from what I have read. I know the dialogue concerning sunovens is controlled by the radical environmentalist, but as a student of the preparedness doctrine you should evaluate all options, even if the ideas come from people you think are crazier than you.

Sunovens could play a role in a permanent survival situation by reducing the need for electricity to purify water and other cooking chores. I doubt they would be of much use to the freedom fighter, the person in the midst of a temporary disturbance, or a person in an unstable situation. They require a time to build and use on a large scale, which if you were in a permanent stable survival situation you might just have to time to attempt such a project.

For my introduction I have chosen a simple model to build and test. Presently my resources are limited. I do not have a workshop to attempt to build a large one, so I have chosen a simple small sample to test.

I do not have a protractor so I am going to wing it from the picture. I also have no glue, so I will see how it works with the items I have (duct tape). I will build it, test it, and report.


Other sunoven links:
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NOTE: There are much more efficient designs than the one I am building. I would think it wise to store large amounts of plans and directions in your future retreat, so that you will have a information store to use when you have the time.


transientforeigner said...

Perhaps you have come across this, perhaps not. I thought this might be helpful in preparing for the post-apocolypse.

Physicists in Singapore have succeeded in creating the first paper battery that generates electricity from urine. This new battery will be the perfect power source for cheap, disposable healthcare test-kits for diseases such as diabetes. This research is published today in the Institute of Physics’ Journal of Micromechanics and Microengineering.

Cubicle said...

Yea I actually read about that, though I would probably do somthing much more drastic with my urine than put it in battery if i needed to surive.

transientforeigner said...

Now the question would be whether or not the urine-powered battery would destroy the glucose rich components of urine or not. If not you could keep power to your computer to run your blog and then drink it afterwards.