Saturday, September 24, 2005

That is one view point


""Criminalizing abortion requires women who have unwanted or nonconsensual pregnancies to go forward with the pregnancies, and there is nothing comparable with men," said Robin West of Georgetown University's law school. "The most straightforward constitutional argument is that mandatory or nonconsensual pregnancies impose a requirement of 'Good Samaritanism' that is not required of men.""

Except that the law also requires men to pay money for this child each month for a very long time. If that is not a requirement of "Good Samaritanism" for men then I do not know what is.

I love how the speaker wraps the "Oh damn, I pregnant" pregnancies up with the "Oh damn, I pregnant because I got raped" pregnancies. The issue of unwanted consensual pregnancies is completely different than the issue of unwanted nonconsensual pregnancies. Basically the woman had the choice to not get pregnant with the consensual cases. They could do any number of things: Not have sex, use birth control, or use a condom (male or female). They made their choice and used that card. They now should not beable to make a belated choice because they were irresponsible, especially when a another's life is involved.

""What strikes me as the most burdensome of this requirement of mandatory pregnancy is that it imposes on a woman that she use her body in a certain way. We're all required to pay taxes, etc., but we're not required to do with our body things we don't want to do. ... It is a striking anomaly in the law ," West told"

That is a load of bull crap also. The same people who are telling me I cannot smoke in some areas are the same people telling me that a woman has supreme right over her body because...well...she is a woman. We are a required to do things (or not do things) with our body that we don't want to do. Where do you think those taxes come from...from the time our bodies put in at work. There are probably some states where I girl can get an abortion but still cannot get a tattoo. I am forced to go the speed limit. I am sure I put some time on this list; I could come up with more items.


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