Monday, September 26, 2005

Those crazy British

Now this comes from Drudge. Here he does what he does best; finds the crazy stories and brings them to our attention.

Source:""Many of these couples are simply not having sex or not having enough sex," he said. "Conception has become medicalised. It's too clinical. There has been a trend away from having sex and loving relationships towards medicalised conception.""

That is just odd. Which is more fun, going to the doctor or playing doctor. Which is cheaper, going to the doctor or playing doctor. There is no upside to medicalized conception, if you can conceive naturally.

"Mr Dooley practices at Westover House clinic and the Lister Hospital, both in south-west London, and a clinic in Poundbury, Dorset. He said: "I have people who come to me for IVF who haven't got time for sex. Those people don't care about looking for a lifestyle or maximizing their natural potential."
"People want everything now. If they can't have a baby now, they want IVF. They think it's no different from putting your name down for a handbag. Some people are horrified by the idea that they have to have sex two to three times a week. About 10 per cent of people I see don't have time to have sex. It's usually when you have two professionals who are based in the city and are very busy."

If you don't have time for sex, what makes you think you have time for kids! Before you have kids you had better have time to take care of them. Think of them as a particularly needy pet.

I wonder how long these doctor visits take. In Britain, people are going to private clinical, so their is probably very little wait time in the waiting room either due to the fact no one uses private clinics or they are better ran than the national health system. But remember that you still have to extract the genetic information from the donor to combine with the host. That takes time. Also, each participant in the medical process would still have to drive to the clinic or take public transportation. Come one people...JUST...GET...A...ROOM.

""Mothers might be working or their children sleep in their bed. I told one of my patients who is going through IVF that another IVF patient had just conceived naturally. She said: 'What? She's having sex? Bloody Luddite'.""

Send the kids to mothers. Call me traditional, but for me and my household we will choose the natural (if possible) method of reproduction.



stewardess said...

But I want to make sure my baby has green eyes!

Cubicle said...

I am postive that if you have enough kids your chances of getting at least on green eyed child are very good.