Thursday, September 22, 2005

About time

If you wanted a good shooting tip, this post (On Shooting) at Texican Tattler is a good place to start.

I personally think this might help out my girlfriend, who does not quite have the strength to control the recoil from my gun in the weaver stance I taught her. Heck, i did not even know there was a "modern isosceles" stance until i read that post.



Anonymous said...

I note that the dude in the photo has extremely, well, burly arms and hands. No wonder the puny .45 isn't jumping around. I once was instructing a woman who had such small hands and diminutive arms that her Browning P-35 9mm consistently malfunctioned due to not enough resistance against the frame/grip. I sold her a .38 revolver and offered to take back the Browning. Her husband said "well, wait on that, we'll talk" and now they have both.

JR said...

You might want to check back, and see the females handling very large firearms quite well. How? The grip. You can control the recoil on just about any firearm just by knowing what you're doing. Want to learn how NOT to hold a gun? Read a gun magazine!