Friday, September 02, 2005

Playing the blame game

People have already started to blame bush. Funny, thing is that New Orleans had 40 plus years to prepare for this. Every single year it only became more and more likely that this would occur.

Have you seen the videos of people talking? Shepherd smith is asking people what they need they then say they need water, food, or a place to sleep. I understand that people where unable to get out, what I find funny is that those same people apparently have plenty of energy to wade through water to get out now.

Secondly, you knew there was a hurricane coming and you choose to stay, why didn't you run as much water and buy as much food as you possibly could. You can't even survive 4 days with our electricity or water when you have at least 4 days to prepare for it.

Tonight Bill O'Reily was complaining that the national guard should have been there day one. I guess they could have flown them though the tropical Strom that katrina became or maybe driven then on the same roads people were using to escape. Though the could have followed behind the storm, I still do not know how feasible that really is.

One lady was complaining that the meals she was being served at the superdome were cold. WTF. I know the situation in the superdome is bad, but a little street justice should solve that.



Heather said...

Bush also declared an emergency two days before Katrina hit and Louisiana didn't want any federal help. That is partly why it took so long for rescue crews to get there.

Cubicle said...

As far as i am concerned there is blame up the entire ladder of command.

Start on the ground locally (with the mayor), go to the govonenor, then the president probably could have done something better also.