Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Preparedness - Options

One of the underestimated advantages of being prepared is that preparedness it gives you options.

For example,

""What do you say, I'm a survivor," John Carolan says with a laugh, thinking of the reality TV show. "Hey, give me the million bucks now."

How long can Carolan and the others hold out?

Hackett has enough gas and food for a month. Carolan says they have weeks' worth of food and bug repellent, and he will siphon gas from left-behind cars to keep his electricity going.

"Everything we have is in our homes. With the lawlessness in this town, are you going to walk away from everything you built?" Carolan says. "A lot of people think we're stupid. They say, 'Why did you stay?' I say, 'Why didn't you stay?'""
(emphasis mine)

Well Carolan, let me attempt to answer that questions for you. At least some of the people were not able to stay because they were not prepared. Their only option was to leave when everyone else did. You on the other hand had options and you still have you house. Your neighbors should pay for the time you spent protecting their house while they were gone. My hat goes off to you and your neighbor Hackett



Anonymous said...

First, I don't think anyone should be paid for providing services that were not requested. And while i think it was admirable that they were prepared for the storm, I don't think staying in New Orleans is a good idea now. Everything is closed. Are you just going to stay home every day without a job, fresh food, or utilities?

Cubicle said...

"Are you just going to stay home every day without a job, fresh food, or utilities?"

I am not sure how much of my recent posts you have read, but if you were prepared (and I mean that in the deepest sense of the word) all those minor inconvenices would not matter.

And that is my point. In my current state of preperation I could proably live completly self sufficent for about a month. That is without ANY SPECIAL prepareation on my part. If i was truly prepared, i probably could live completely self sufficent for around a year to a year and a half easily, and I would have supplies to increase the amount of time I could live without help from others (like seeds)

If you are not prepared your ONLY option was to leave, but since this man and his neighbor (his neighbor was more prepared in my opinion) they could have left if they wanted or the could have stayed,in this case they decided to stay.

If the neighbor has a month's worth of gasoline, he probably has a month's worth of food also.

Thirdly, if you have no bills you do not need a job (you bank will not be sending you bills, your uitility company will not be sending you bills, and you can probably safley ignore the rest).

You have a very limited view of what a well prepared person could do and you have also failed on think outside of the box