Sunday, June 20, 2004

As much as I like the thought...

of these two bastards having their flesh torn and charred by American made laser guide bombs or even American trained Saudi forces, it is a much smarter play to bring in these guys alive.

Although I realize that is very hard to do, though you would think we could send some knock out gas that would make them all go to sleep for a few days. That would be one hell of a chemical weapon.

Instead of killing you opponent, you would just knock them out for a few days while you looked through their stuff. They would wake up to find cute notes written in English in permanent marker on their foreheads, but that would be funny not sad.



Iraq Group Threatens to Kill S.Korean Hostage -TV

The video showed the Korean, who Al Jazeera said named himself as Kim Song Il, shouting violently at the camera: "Please get out of here, here, here. I don't want to die."

I heard the audio of this, the man was yelling /crying "I don't want to die".
It mad me almost sick, i am glad i did not see the video.

Al Jazeera is showing the video. Only question can we bomb their TV stations, can we shoot thier eyes in the sky out. I don't think it would achive anything, but it would make me feel better. Secondly, they are just letting the whole world see what they are. I don't see how any sane person can take anyone's side that does anything like that.

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