Sunday, June 20, 2004


Best finishing line ever.

It even beast out "The Boiler Room" closing line, which was great.

I think I just saw the beginning of a new comic dynasty. Zoolander put Ben stiller on the map in my mind, in dodge ball he just bought a 400 acre farm in southern Missouri.

While ben was good in other moives (meet the parents, starsky and hutch), here he showed comic power equal to that of the happy gilmore/billy madison days.

The last time i laughed this much at a movie was office space.



Gib said...

So, when I see this movie, if I don't like it, it's your fault, right?

Cubicle said...


Of course if you do like it, then you should give me credit for findng the movie, and i would like a 15 percent (15 percent of the amount that you paid) finder's fee.