Saturday, June 19, 2004

In response to Gib's post

If 11 people from my country went to another country and blew up some stuff and killed 3000 people, I wonder how would feel.

You really have two options, either you are on their side or you are not on their side. In the case of the WTC, there is no: Well maybe it was ok, or maybe it was wrong. Either it was wrong, or it is justified.

The Arab people either have to accept and support the activity of their countrymen or be strongly against it.

The feeble attempts of rationalization ("How can we inform on our brothers when we see all these pictures coming from Abu Ghraib and Rafah,") only encourages the cycle of violence.

For example, I how could I tell on my American brothers who are killing men, women, and children in Iraq when I see these horrible pictures of men being beheaded.

Answer: You tell on both groups. Your allegiance should be toward the greater humanity not toward you Arab/army brothers.

Also, though the Arabs speak of war, no one wants a war.
Much less the Arabs, remember what the Americans did when we had our backs against the wall in WW2 in the pacific theater, we killed a few hundred thousand cilvilians in a blink of an eye.

In war it is either you or them, and americans don't lose too often.


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