Friday, June 25, 2004

My disdain grows by the day

Kerry, who has been conducting a series of campaign events on science and technology, came to Silicon Valley to tout his plans to create more high-tech jobs and universal high-speed Internet access known as broadband.

While it sounds nice to give America high speed internet.

first, the people will need computers.
Second, owning a computer is a responsibility. It requires regular maintenance much like a car.
Thirdly, do you really want to give computers to people who don't know how to read.

"Kerry said installing a universal high-speed network could expand the economy by $500 billion and create at least 1.2 million new jobs."

Hmm is this like turning the lights on in the south.

I was not alive then, living in a rural area has taught me this, the best want to lay all that line is to put it into the ground. Which that cost lots of money. Also, I bet the government will not lay the top notch stuff, so it will be outdated in about a year. Thirdly, the only thing you can really lay in the ground that will stand the test of time is Fiber optics. Which fiber to your doorstep is not in the near future.

"But Kerry said South Korea and Japan already are deploying networks that are 20 to 50 times faster than in the United States."

And what is the population density of those countries compared to that of America?



Rob said...

Up until a couple weeks ago, Kerry thought "broadband" was another name for The Go-Go's.

Cubicle said...

or maybe it is a sexual tourture item