Wednesday, June 16, 2004

Uranium and you.

The wacky left is at it again, all they can do is critze. They offer no solution to the problems the suggest are present.
depleted uranium

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - The U.S. military should clean up depleted uranium ammunition scattered across Iraq to prevent future health problems such as cancer and birth defects, a leading anti-nuclear activist said on Friday.

Really, but as phish says:

"I'm convinced the whole day long
that all I learn is always wrong
and things are true that I forget
but no one taught that to me yet"

Scientists Say Uranium 'Dirty Bomb' Would Be a Dud

The "dirty bomb" allegedly planned by terror suspect Jose Padilla would have been a dud, not the radiological threat portrayed last week by federal authorities, scientists say.

At a news conference June 1, the Justice Department said the alleged al-Qaida associate hoped to attack Americans by detonating "uranium wrapped with explosives" to spread radioactivity.

But uranium's extremely low radioactivity is harmless compared with high-radiation materials, such as cesium and cobalt isotopes used in medicine and industry that experts see as potential fuel for dirty bombs.

Come one the left can ever get their story straight on how dangerous uranium is.

Of course the federal goverment is using uranium tank shells and then they are saying that this guy planned on using a dirty uranium bomb (note: they did not say there would be widespread deaths form the radiation, just that "widespread radiation" would occur).

For more informaiton on this stuff check this out:

WHO, Uranium, and You

As of know i think that Depleted Uranium is more radioactive than natural uranium but less radioactive than purified natural uranium, though i am not sure of that.


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Gib said...

Yes, but if any of it got into the food supply, it would cause a higher cancer rate in twenty years. That was probably Padilla's insidious plan.