Tuesday, June 29, 2004

Heh man these guys are not to bright.

Liberal Democrats are having both more abortions--and more abortions as a percentage of their ideological and political group--than either of the other groupings.

As liberals and Democrats fervently seek new voters and supporters through events, fund-raisers, direct mail and every other form of communication available, they achieve results minuscule in comparison to the loss of voters they suffer from their own abortion policies. It is a grim irony lost on them, for which they will pay dearly in elections to come.

Well, normally i would make a crude joke at the moment, but eventhough the children are liberal i still don't want them to die.

Though if this keeps up, the pro-life groups might be able to push laws into effect to stop the killing.



intresting other view point.

Though, the ony what to find they correct answer is to do complex computer modeling.


Anonymous said...

Hey Cube,
Great post as always but be careful when you are calling someone names, as in the title of this post, and you misspell something. It's not "too" bright.
Sorry, my spell-checking is compulsive, just ask Stewardess!

Cubicle said...

I am a produck of the souf AR edjewcation system, and using spel chek to rite everee singal paper cents Hi school.

speling i hav decided is a useles skil, if u just sound out my sentences u wil bee ok.

Come on you can do it.