Wednesday, June 02, 2004

Well I am back from a long weekend

I do have a few things to share. Some friends found this site a while back octodog.

And I found this item in the skymall magazine: a grand invention.

Now combined with mustard that does not drip, and Ketchup that you do not have to shake (both of with exist), you can make a meal in record time, and garnish it with an octodog.

On a different note:
This game has officially helped me out in life.

I was sitting at the airport terminal and the nice lady at the counter came over the microphone and said the airline had an overbooked situation on my flight. She related in her shrill voice that they were offering a 50 dollar voucher for anyone willing to take a later flight. I said to myself that is a little low, so I waited a little longer, and they bumped up the price to a 75 voucher about 10 to 15 minutes later.

I kept holding on, and the price got up to 100 , then 125, then 150 over the course of hour. At the 150 dollar voucher mark I went up the lady and said if they would bump up the voucher to 200 hundred dollars that I would take the later flight. They turned me down, but about 15 minutes later they called my name. As it turned out the terms and conditions of my ticket said that they could bump me from my present flight (cheap expedia ticket), and that I could do nothing about it. I ended up taking the 150 voucher for another flight, which if I would have been nervous and not waited I would have gotten screwed. I don't have a lot of experience in airline matters, but I was glad my battle honed instincts were right on this one.


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