Sunday, June 27, 2004

Bush's vice president

Could Bush pick a better Vice president than Cheney?

Well, I will put together a list of criteria and rank Cheney on those criteria.

I would rank Cheney fairly high in this area, because of being in office during 9/11 and political turmoil that has been in effect in America for the past few years. I think the people in charge aged years during that period.

I would give Cheney low marks one this level just because of his physical aliments in recent times.

We are very familiar with Cheney, though when you think of Cheney you either think of "Cheney and halliburton" or "Cheney and heart attack". Neither of those are good things.

Ability to bring in voters
I don't think in Bush's case anybody he brings in will bring more voters into his fold. We have had four years of bush, and I think everyone's mind is mad up about him. I don't get the sense that a Vice president would affect or moderate Bush's views in any way. No this time around it is a Bush and someone else ticket, not a Bush slash someone else.

Of course Bush could pick a black, Hispanic, or a woman, and I think that would mix things up a bit. He could pull a Kerry and try to get Hillary Clinton as his VP, that would be funny.

Although I can't get this idea out of my mind.
Bush and Rudolf Giuliani, I know I read about that idea on one of the blogs to my right, but I could not find the post to link to.

I think you could pick someone who scared away voters, but you know actually getting more voters in is really tough for bush at this stage of the game.

additionally, Cheney would have to resign because of health problems for Bush to pick another VP. If he just kicked Cheney out it would look bad and opportunistic.



Dawn Summers said...

hahahahaha a Bush/Clinton ticket!!! hahahahahaha

Cubicle said...

when it comes down to it, Hillary and anybody is kinda humorous.