Wednesday, June 02, 2004

Tough Love Kerry

It seems that Kerry is trying to appear strong enough to protect America. Well, I don't see how the guy from MA can beat the Texas cowboy in this fight. Of course Bush has also had 4 more years of looking tough. (if anything you can criticize him for being to tough.)

How many countries have you taken over Kerry?

How many countries have you taken over Bush?
2, and you want to take over a few more. Ok.

Looks like Bush wins that battle.


Rob the right wing guy has a different and just as valid interpretation of why Kerry said what he said. I tend to lean toward a combination, if terrorist attacked, Kerry can go back to this remark and say that the will be tough on them, which will help him in the campaign. That scares me does Kerry know something that I don't?

An alternate view

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