Wednesday, June 23, 2004


I have watched a lot of movies recently, I will try to record my thoughts so that if you ever watch the movie you will know if it is good or not.

As a preface to my movie talk, I don't think during movies. So I never figure out the end before it happens. Even simple plot twist are good ones to me.

Dirty Harry.

This is an awesome movie, which really reflects the views of America at the time. High crime rates and ineffective justice system.

Dirty Harry was dubbed a urban western and that it sure is. The character Dirty Harry is the basis for every single action movie that I have ever seen. Though dirty Harry gives crime a more serious treatment that some other action movies that I have seen (can you say Gov. Arnold). The characters while they don't talk much are real as they can get for not talking much.

This is a movie that you want to memorize the lines to and say to your woman as you are having sex.

Runaway Jury

This is a good solid movie, and you want be disappointed if you see it on video, though in the movie theater you might want a little more.

Their was a lefist agenda along with some good strong scenes. The plot was filled with tension, it moved quickly, and was brought together well at the end.

I would recommend this if you can't find a better one.

Dog Day afternoon.

This movie is about a true story in which Al Pacino plays a bank robber in a heist goes very wrong. Don't let the big names fool you, Pacino plays a homosexual in this film, though not a flamer. This movie follows the true story to the very last detail it seems, which makes the anti climatic ending just like real life (slow moving and very boring). You can skip out on this one and you will just miss a bad story miss a thing.


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