Friday, June 25, 2004

Bush needs to do more

"JOHANNESBURG, South Africa -- Hundreds of demonstrators marched Thursday to protest U.S. polices on AIDS, demanding that President Bush do more and stop undermining efforts to treat and prevent the disease."

Why don't you stop having sex with people who have aids. Why don't you demand that you country protect the process which distribute needed blood (i.e. test blood and donors and the like).

"In Johannesburg, about 500 angry AIDS activists, many wearing red and white T-shirts that said "HIV Positive," criticized Bush, saying he had hurt the global fight against AIDS by spending billions of dollars on war."

So is it an anti war protest or an aids protest? I am confused.

And why should America clean up after you mess?

If you have aids you are dead anyways, we should not spend any money on drugs for aids , but money on aids prevention (i.e. information on how aids is transmitted).

They also contended he undermined the global fight against AIDS by limiting access to condoms, reproductive choices and generic drugs.

Hmm if you don't have sex you want get aids, of course when you do have sex and get aids it is Bush's fault. I see now.

"The effect of the U.S. government's unlawful war in Iraq has been to divert international attention and resources away from global health and poverty," Heywood said, reading from the memorandum.

So we needed to allow Saddam to stay in power and spend our money helping you out of poverty. Help the lowest group first, and work you way up the ladder. Which in my opinion Iraq needed it more than most.


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