Friday, June 18, 2004

If they could agree on something it should be this

Democrats contended that in its rush for bragging rights on missile defense, the administration may be producing an ineffective shield.

"I don't want a make-believe system. I don't want a Wizard of Oz system," said Sen. Barbara Boxer of California.

But Republicans, who hold a majority in Congress, argued that Democrats were trying to derail the effort.

I know this is an election year, and I know that politics plays a part in everything that happens in DC, but I would think reasonable minded people could agree that national security was a top priority.

I consider the fact that the shield has not been operationally tested a valid point. Then again the only way to have them fully test it is to shoot missiles at ourselves, and it seems like that idea may be little risky.

For once I wish they would stop playing partisan politics and actually put this thing into effect and shoot some missiles at ourselves to test the thing out. Or at least shoot them at a random target in the Pacific, and then shoot it down.

I guess they could practice shooting down asteroids, or random large birds.

One random missile is all it takes to make you day really bad.


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