Monday, June 21, 2004

Silver platter

We owe Baghdad nothing. Nothing. We've already given Iraq an unprecedented chance to build a humane society and a decent government. If, despite our sacrifices, the Iraqis revert to greed, bigotry and tribalism, we'll need to face the reality of yet another homemade Arab failure and "stand not upon the order of [our] going, but go."

I agree that we have given Iraq a chance to start over again, and they need to take that chance and run with it. I doubt that chance will occur in their life time again, if the people of this Iraqi generation fail, they have no one to blame but their selves.

Though I think that we may owe Baghdad a little something, such as rebuilding the buildings that we blew up and right now we are their primary protector. Of course the obligations are easily meet once the security situation is handled. Once Iraq can stand on its own two feet and protect itself, the only thing that we will owe them is protecting them from outside forces. That will allow them to follow the south Korea model, the get rich quick model.


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