Thursday, June 03, 2004

Dude that has been done already

John Kerry says it's time for the U-S to directly engage North Korea in nuclear talks.

That has been tried and the went back on their word, here is another reason that I would not vote for Kerry. His policies on North Korea.

I think it was a good idea to talk to North Korea directly the first time around, because you can sit down like two old friends and discuss the matter, with out causing a lot of problems. They did not uphold their part of the bargain, and think that they used the talks and the time it bought to advance their nuclear position.

Talking to them directly has failed once. Is it always the democrats who want to try things that don't work, or ideas that have proven wrong?

"But he says the inspectors and cameras aren't there anymore, and that the North is suspected of having even more nuclear bombs now than it did before -- meaning the U-S is no longer as safe."

Can anyone say missile defense?



Cubicle said...

just testing some stuff

Cubicle said...

just testing again

Gib said...

It's tough - I'd be OK with "talking" to North Korea, as long as a few things were off limits, like guaranteeing the security of Lil' Kim and his posse - if "cutting a deal" results in a free and open NK, by all means cut a deal. It just seems that the deal Kim wants would actually slam the door on that, and I've always been afraid that Kerry would go ahead and do that, since he could then say he's created "peace", and it ain't like any North Korean will be able to speak out about what peace is costing him.

Cubicle said...


i guess there are worse things than cutting a deal, namely appeasing a dictator by giving him lots of stuff that they don't have the money to buy.

At the heart of cutting the deal, you would have to trust NK, and i don't.

So that is the real issue in my mind (which is based thier past behavior)