Thursday, June 10, 2004

I like Plants

I have some plants that I have had for about 4 years. There is one that has gotten a white fussy insect thing on it. I have tried insect spray, and insecticidal soap, but those only seemed to stem the spread of this vile insect. The insects don't harm the plant much, they just stick to the plant and cause brown spots, which I am sure that enough of these could kill the plant. So I realized that I basically need to take my plant and hose it down some where, to remove the insects and start over with a clean slate.

I live in a apartment, so I don't have access to water hose and spigot. The plant is also five feet tall, because I did not know what happens when you put plants in bigger pots (they get bigger), so I can't put it in my car and carry it to a fiends house. I don't have access to a pickup truck to move it. So I have been stuck at this point for a few weeks, then yesterday as I was driving along I had a picture in my mind of my plant in my shower. So I took a shower with my plant to cleanse it of the vile white feathery insect, and it has just now been cleansed just like Naaman.

Admittedly,I have put a dent in the insect colony, but now I can go over it with a fine two comb and check every single leaf for insect residual and spots that I might have missed.



Anonymous said...

Ok, so this rotten, worm-infested plant. Is it the one I inherit if something happens to you? Because I'm really not that big on bugs. I am happy you enjoyed your shower. I'm sure the plant did too. *wink*
posting anonymously,

Cubicle said...

hey it has been cleansed like Naaman, and it is just fine.

it is not wormy, just has some kinda soft bodied insect that is not a worm, and this insect produces a white feathery coocon to live in.

you can post anonymously and put you name it does not work that way.