Tuesday, April 05, 2005

45 GAP - 4 inch & 5 inch Models

45 GAP - 4 inch & 5 inch Models

"How do you give the XD big-bore stopping power without enlarging its trim, ergonomic frame? Simple you just make the cartridge shorter so it fits in the existing XD platform.

Introducing the new XD chambered in 45 GAP. This new cartridge gives you the same performance of the mighty 45 ACP, but the shorter overall cartridge length of the GAP round means it fits in the exact same XD frame as our 9mm and 40 S&W versions."

For my .40 caliber XD i can already by a drop in conversion barrel and go to 9mm or .357 SIG (and here), if i want. You can either adjust the mags (move the feeding lips around a bit or something...I don't really know because i have not done it, though i have read that it is easy) you have or just by new ones.

I wonder if i could keep the same frame and go to the 45 gap. From the info above, i would seem like i could. I think that i would need to change out the barrel and slide, at least. I will go do some reading and see what i can find.

Others are asking the same thing and seem to agree.

Though here it says....

"As one example, the Springfield XD .40 was easily modified into an XD .45GAP pistol since the XD .40 slide already has sufficient slide mass. "

Though their has been talk of not needing to change the slide due to a thinner barrel....I will believe that when i see it. It seems that the casing on the 45Gap is thicker so that...

"Note: the new Springfield XD45 GAP pistol slide is exactly the same width as their XD40. In fact, the XD40 and XD357 are both .05 inches wider than their XD9. You can't argue with Mother Nature and there isn't much difference between the GAP slide widths of the XD and Glock. "

"As one example, the Springfield XD .40 was easily modified into an XD .45GAP pistol since the XD .40 slide already has sufficient mass"

"#4. The 45 GAP works at much lower pressures than most other duty calibers."

"As I mentioned before, the real target of the .45 GAP is the .40 S&W. The .45 GAP will easily match the capabilities of the .40, and is a safer cartridge because of its reinforced brass and 34% lower working pressure than the .40S&W."


So my reasoning goes what if you were able to make the barrel of the 45GAP 34 percent smaller (or thinner rather), would that give you the 1.5 millimeter need to fit the 45 barrel into the 40 s&w frame and slide set.

I do not know, but I would like to know if it is possible and I would like a gun that all i need to do was change out a barrel to have 4 different calibers.


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