Friday, April 08, 2005

Dog sitting

I am presently doggsitting for several friends of mine. They own two dogs who together weigh around 150-180 pounds. Instead of moving the dogs, i have elected to stay with them in their owners house. We have a good ole time, jumping on the furniture basically hanging out. They like to chew their toys and i like to watch TV. I have recently discovered that i really like CSI. I have never seen the on based in Miami, but I like the other two. I watched 3 hours of CSI last night. I really like it and cannot stop talking about it. My friend's complaint against the shows was that they are all the same and that is the reason i like it.

Also, this morning i was killing some time after the dogs were fed and i was flipping though the channels on the TV. I saw this guy: Cowboy Troy (sound with link). He is playing himself off as a hick hop artist. He is concentrating on the "hop" part of that title. Cowboy Troy is a black, rapping, country music singer. I love America. His site plays his single and has a link to this music video. If this guy can make it, maybe Eddie Glen has a chance.



Brian said...

Ahh, the cult of CSI. Resistance is futile; you will be assimilated. As a guy who got most of a degree in forensic chemistry and worked in a crime lab one summer, I resisted the CSI craze for several years. There was, I reasoned, simply no way that the goings on in a real crime lab could make good TV; that work is dull, dull, dull. Last summer, though, I cracked and have been hooked ever since. Wife and I probably watch an average of 8-9 hours of various CSI shows per week. Enjoy!

Anonymous said...

Cowboy Troy. Another member of the Muzak Mafia releases an album. Video's got Big & Rich singing backup and doing their thing.

Saw Big & Rich with Gretchen Wilson (another member of the MM) live in Charleston, SC last fall. Pretty good show.


Cubicle said...

I watched only a one good solid hour of it last night. I had to watch survior and run some errand after it.

and dave....

I think i would enjoy their show also, though i would not want to be seen at it. :)