Sunday, April 24, 2005

Million dollar ideas

Feel free to steal them at your own risk.

Doggie car wash
This was thought up while talking to stewardess during the TV...errr... dog sitting week. The concept is to put a dog into something that automatically washes and drys it within about 5 mins. You can use it every single time you dog goes out, if they are a digger. I was thing more of a dishwashing type thing, with only the dogs head poking out. If one could be built robust enough, it could be used commercially at shelters.

Solar-powered scooter via Riding Sun
Not really much to say here. It seems like a great idea, and it seems to be working. I know a few people who could use one of these.

And I had another one, but I forgot it. I will update if I remember it.

update: This one is probably not worth a million, though it is an idea. In my truck, the blinker sounds like it is all the way over by the passenger. Whether I am turning left or right, it ALWAYS sounds to the right of me. So I would make the sound of the blinker correspond to the direction the blinker was clicked. I would also think that you could position speakers in the headrest so only the driver would hear it. I think that would be cool.

Secondly, my left blinker blinks about twice as fast as my right blinker, which that just started today and reminded me of the nearly million dollar idea.

update: My tail light was out, that is why it was blinking twice as fast. My truck was trying to tell me somthing.


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