Wednesday, April 06, 2005

Piss off the Canadians.

No really.

Apparently there is this trial going on......And I started here: InstaPundit. Was caught up on the story here: Winds of change. Found the original post that kicked it all off here: Captian's Quarters.

Here is the basic idea of the matter: The Belmont Club

"[captain Ed of Captian's Quarters really pissed off the Canadians with]....Details of court testimony on a governmental scandal that is banned from publication in the Great White North. The scandal is about the use of Canadian government money, laundered through a private ad agency, to hire Liberal Party hacks, and is so serious it may catapault the Canadian conservatives into power. This incident marks one more step by the blogosphere into the realm of news generation as opposed to mere commentary. Captain Ed is well aware of this and adds the uncustomary (for a blog) disclaimer....."

Just take a look at Captian's stats: small dead animals.

I do not read Instapudit often and think that he has really has missed how much you can piss off Canadians by linking to captian's site.

That will teach those stinking Canadians to not join our missile defense program, we will blog and say things about you that you do not want said. Suckers. You have managed to scare a few that can be easily scared (search for Spooked), but others are not.

Keywords so that the Canadian federals can find me and hopefully sue me, that might send some traffic my way.

AdScam inquiry
Jean Brault
AdScam Justice John Gomery
president of the ad agency Groupaction, Charles Guité
and Paul Coffin, president of the ad agency Coffin Communications

You know what i love better than breaking stupid American laws, breaking stupid Canadian laws.


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