Saturday, April 16, 2005


I suck at managing my taxes. You fill out this simple W-4 form at the beginning of work, then at the end of the year you fill out this amazing complicated form which asks you all the questions the W-4 should have asked.

The first full year of work, i paid around 700 dollars to the federal government. I thought that was a little much. I would rather pay around 1 dollar, that would make me feel that I was paying exactly enough in taxes. Just to give you an idea of what where i have applied this before in my life. I graduated from college with exactly the required hours, not one more. I thought this was a fairly unusual feat, and was quite pleased with myself. I would like to replicate that exactness with taxes.

So last year i adjusted my W-4, did a lot of work to make sure that i was paying in enough this year. Well, ok, not a lot of work, just filled out an online form with the IRS to make sure i was paying enough in. This year I end up getting back nearly a 1000 dollars. I am going to go back and check everything, though i used turbo tax and I really do not see how they are wrong.

There were several things i did not account for. Last year was my first full year of contributing to a 401k and the federal government changed some tax laws. I was able to deduct the average sales tax that I paid last year. So what to do with the money.......

I know that you have heard of Buy a Gun Day (or BAG). I personally will not be buying a gun, but i will be buying some training for the gun I have recently bought.


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