Monday, April 18, 2005

What not to do after a defensive shooting!!!

Here is a link to a video.

A guy tries to rob a clothing store and is surprised by a clerk not willing to give up the cash drawer. (WARNING: DISTURBING CONTENT)

This was a very interesting video. In the video you will see an attempted robbery that went bad for the robber. The person who was being robbed was ok. I am pretty sure he broke several laws (maybe even during the defensive shooting) after he finished off the robber. You will also see some excellent gangster shooting skills. Videos like these underscore the need for training.

Oh...And the music is cool.

update: The word on the net is that the vid is fake. It is claimed that there was a large amount of muzzle flash, no blood, and the muzzle flash covered up the date time stamp on the vid.

You make you own call.


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Bruce said...

Looks fake to me (my $0.02).