Wednesday, April 13, 2005


Source: Sharp words flew Saturday when the Rev. Al Sharpton called a "town hall meeting" to let the music biz, the radio biz and the community discuss violence and hip hop.

"There was some heat," reported James Mtume of WRKS (98.7 FM). "But that was good. You need heat to generate solutions - to do something, instead of just talking about it."

Sharpton said a critical goal of the session, held at the Manhattan Sheraton, was to hear from regular folks who often feel the music industry pays little attention to their concerns.
Many of the several hundred in attendance said that's exactly how they feel, and demanded artists, radio and the industry clean up their acts.

So do they want to bring in the FCC to clean up the radio stations????

The only goal of the music industry is to make and sell music. They want you to listen and listen a lot. They have no obligation to do anything about your "needs". If you do not like the music you hear on the radio station, change the STATION. If you do not want you kids listening to the music, destroy all the radios in your house, or you could actually teach you kids some morals.

As long as you keep buy and listening to the songs you are complaining about the music industry will never change.

While we are on the topic of responsibility..there would seem that there are many more problems than what is on the radio in urban centers.

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