Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Oklahoma Land Run Day

An actual memo sent inside one of OK's schools.

TO: Principals
FROM: Jean Froman, Coordinator Indian Pupil Education
DATE: April 22, 2005
SUBJECT: Oklahoma Land Run Day April 22, 2005

The Oklahoma Land Run Day, April 22, 2005, marks a historical event in the history of Oklahoma’s statehood and you may have planned activities for this day. The sensitive topic of re-allotment of Indian lands is important to our parents.

In your celebrations commemorating the Land Run, please acknowledge the following:

1. Teach your students that Oklahoma’s development including the land runs in Oklahoma and the forced allotments in Eastern Oklahoma came at a high price to Indian peoples’ rights.

2. A more balanced view of this topic gives a broader perspective on history and an understanding of the struggles of Indians that continue today.

3. The contributions of Indian people in Oklahoma does not take away from the non-Indians’ contribution to building our state. Oklahoma history celebrates diversity. Our children grow to be better informed citizens by being aware of how other people are different from them, and learn to respect the differences.

In your plans for this commemoration activity, we appreciate your consideration of offering the contributions of the Indian population and their significance to the Oklahoma Land Run.

Thank You,
Jean Froman

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