Friday, April 22, 2005


You know I am not a big basher of Microsoft. It is kinda hard justifying bashing a company that writes software you use everyday, writes software you use to build your own software, and writes software I have invested much time and energy into learning.

That being said, I installed a third party software package on my work computer and it broke part of internet explorer. When ever I right click on a link and click on "Open new window", it would pop up a blank window. I tried several things to fix this. I even reinstalled Internet explorer from a install package some of the network guys at work had created and nothing fixed it.

So I downloaded fire fox. Wow it is done very well and I love the tab feature. You can have a 100 windows open, but it only looks like one if you have the main window minimized.

Download firefox, you will love it.



Sojourner said...

Yeah I downloaded Firefox the instant I heard that I could and love it. My only problem with it is finding necessary plugins to play video or audio. At those times I'm forced to go back to IE (I kept both browsers). Other than that FF is great. It also just has a sleeker more intuitive look if you ask me.

Cubicle said...

Well it's defualt look much like my settings on IE, so they might have done a lot of work to make the firefox be intutitve, but I had already arragned IE the way I like it.

So basically the only thing i changed for firefox was to make the buttons smaller.

Barry said...

Firefox is great. It is better than Cats. I will use it again and again..