Thursday, April 28, 2005

Your True Colors are Shining Through

Though Alphecca I learned of a story of a liberal's home being invaded while he was home. I have always wondered what a flaming socialist would do if confronted in this situation.

Would they cry?
Would they die? Or would they kick the robber in the Eye?
The last public case of a liberal being in a confrontation situation like a house invasion was of the woman actor in New York who was shot. This was a poor example because she was drunk during the incident, and it was something I found more tragic than instructive. This poor woman asked the teenager holding the gun if he was going to shoot her. Well...He did. The reason I found the case odd was that she was raped and had not taken the option to defend herself by buying a gun.

But in the case of Rick Casey I can laugh and learn all I want, because no one was hurt all that bad.

"We live in, shall we say, an urban neighborhood, with several popular bars nearby.

The house, built by a former Marine, is surrounded by a 6-foot iron fence with locked gates. Occasionally someone going home from a bar thinks it's cute to ring the buzzer.

A few minutes after I hung up, I heard loud crashing, then tinkling of falling glass. Someone was breaking in.

I have one daughter in an upstairs bedroom, which I checked first. Then I headed downstairs, where another daughter and a foreign exchange student, a girl from Paraguay, sleep."

So far he has done everything that I would have done. Well almost everything. I would have grabbed my gun(s) then checked the children.

As I turned at the landing I saw him at the bottom of the stairs. He was not a large man, a skinny 5-foot-7 or so. He was wearing slacks and a T-shirt, but what I noticed first were the tattoos covering his arms.

He didn't appear armed. I decided to act out of my anger, not out of my fear.

"Who are you and what are you doing in here?" I yelled. Then I called to my wife: "Kristen! Get the gun and call the police!"

I was grateful she didn't yell back: "What gun?""

This is where we differ dramatically. I would have already had my gun in my hand. After that point I do not know what I would have done. So the rest is just speculation. I would not have wanted to shoot the guy. I probably would have called my wife downstairs and handed her the gun as I got the guy out of my house.

I also would have never thought this....

"We decided, without deciding, to think not about the dread of being invaded in the night, but about our good luck that the invader was whacked out and without purpose."

That is exactly what it was. The writer was lucky that it was just a drunk and not an actual robber. I do have to admit that a big dog is better than nothing, but it probably will turn out to be a wuss just like its owners, so it will probably not stop a determined attacker.


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