Thursday, April 14, 2005

South Africa

Keep your eye on this one.

Richard Tren is thinking about the future of South Africa: "The people of Zimbabwe recently voted in a general election with the result that Robert Mugabe's ZANU PF party remains in power. Most European countries and the United States condemned the election as illegitimate, un-free and unfair, yet the South African government and Zimbabwe's other neighbours endorsed the election. South Africa's ringing endorsement of and loyalty to the Mugabe regime raises a troubling question: can South Africa go the same way as Zimbabwe?"

He details several troubling trends, he also notes the reasons why it will not become another Zimbabwe. To add fuel from to his fire.

South Africa has strict gun control. They have been steadily taking away the right to own guns. Due to it's history (apartheid), most gun owners where white. A south Africa without guns is one step closer to becoming another Zimbabwe.

Source: "In Zimbabwe, the essential pre-condition for genocide was unintentionally created by the British colonial government, through the 1957 Rhodesian Firearms Act. That legislation, establishing nationwide firearm registration, effectively closed what America's firearms prohibitionists have dubbed the "gun-show loophole." In fact, the 1957 Act closed every "loophole" for the lawful acquisition of firearms that lacked a government paper trail, because all transactions must go through a licensed dealer.

And the records of all transactions ( i.e. the names of licensed gun owners, and details of the firearms they own) go straight to the office of the president, Robert Mugabe"


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