Friday, April 29, 2005

Dang it I said I was gone....

...but I was giving the net one last tour around, to see what happened today. Well...Well...Well...

If you would remember, I might have mentioned that the State Senate of Tn passed a law that would allow holders of Tennessee permits to carry into places that server liquor. The story then turned to the State House of Tennessee. HB 2225 was the house version of the bill the Senate passed. All this bill had to do was make it out of a committee (3-D , 2-R). Well this bill did not make it out, even though it had enough sponsors to pass if it made it to the floor. Blake at Nashville Files has the round up. I even sent out a few emails. I though my calm logic would convince people I, really do not want to leave my gun in my car.

The story for HB2225 ends, but it is picked up again in HB0887, which it is basically the same as HB 2225, except that it is a little more broad in certain aspects. It makes it legal to leave you gun in the car at school, if you have a handgun permit. Blake again at Nashville files has this bill covered. Apparently...Somehow...Maybe someone did their homework and found out many other states do not have the restrictions TN has....This bill got out of sub committee against the wishes of the speaker of the house, Naifeh. Stacey Campfield, a State representative, has the details in his blog!!!! Here and here.

I will just quote the good parts.

"Speaker Naifeh was fuming and didn't know what to do. He yelled at us “PUT DOWN YOUR HANDS!!” He then tried to move on again.

Rep. Hargett was then recognized and stood up and said “Mr. Speaker I must object-point of order…”. Naifeh interrupted him--“I thought you wanted to speak on the next motion! You don't want to do this!!”"


"Later Rep. Casada was recognized again. He said something like “Mr. Speaker, under parliamentary procedure I invoke rule 40.”

The Speaker and his staff did not know what to do. They grabbed their procedure and law books and huddled. About 5 minutes passed."


There had to be a vote to send it back to the subcommittee where it could be killed or let it move to full committee. Sending it back might be considered a vote against the bill, in other words an “anti-NRA” vote.

To let the bill move on we needed a 2/3 vote-66 votes.

The vote was 47 for, 42 against. It's going back to subcommittee."

Bill Hobbs has more.

If this bill makes it out of the sub committee again, it probably will make it to the floor, and I will have the bill I want passed anyways. We will just have to get the State senate to pass the companion bill.

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