Thursday, April 14, 2005

Do not worry we will not touch the information.

Source:"One of the reasons gun rights advocates hate registration schemes is because it ultimately leads to gun confiscation. If HB2414 passes in Illinois, many semi-automatic rifles and shotguns will be declared illegal and will have to be turned over to the police, without compensation.
Given that Illinois already registers firearms through their FOID program, finding legally owned guns that are impacted by the bill should be relatively easy."

Of course it will not start out that way. At first the police will probably just take the guns that people turn in. After the flood of law abiding citizens have turned in their guns you will probably not here much about new law. There will be reports of a few found here and there as the police happen upon them. Then one day the banned weapons will kill a police officer, it will not matter if the gun was in the databases of Illinois or not. The police or some other organization will push for the information that Illinois keeps about gun owners, and then it will be good night Gracie.

Ravenwood via Say Uncle


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