Friday, April 16, 2004

Bin Laden is more reasonable than Bush.

I have said it before, but the world is going to end soon.
When well known terrorist start to offer peace bids to certain nations, something is in the air. I personally think that is the end of the world that I smell.

If any nation complies with his offer, I will support the total destruction of that country along every living thing in it (We have bombs that can destroy all the living things but leave the infrastructure).

Which a few attacks in Europe would make the weak ones change their mind. Of course an attack in Japan or Germany would the worse thing Bin Laden could do. He has already pissed of America, there is no reason to piss of the rest of the major world powers.

If people are willing to call it a truce with this terrorist, I will support the total eradication of their kind through what ever means necessary.

Comments from another CNN article.

British-based security expert Magnus Ranstorp said his message may especially resonate with countries such as Japan and Poland who are "not used to dealing with terrorism on their own soil from a foreign source, and whose publics are terrified at the prospect" of becoming al Qaeda targets.

Do they really think once Al Qaeda finishes with America that they will stop? These countries really need to study the history of Muslim conquest, and decide that you are either against Al Qaeda or with them. There is no middle ground with this group.

Ranstorp noted that the offer of a truce -- "hudna" in Arabic -- also had historical echoes for Muslims of a cease-fire employed by the Prophet Mohammed to gain time for his own forces to regroup and eventually overcome a larger enemy.

But he said al Qaeda's underlying strategy of all-out global holy war against "infidels" remained unchanged.

"Any type of cease-fire is a mirage at the end of the day because we're really dealing with strategic terrorism, which will come back with a vengeance if one lets up," he said.

"The strategic vision is the same -- the absolute enmity, the perpetual war, the no-negotiable objectives. How you get there depends on your skills at maneuvering."

See I told you.


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