Wednesday, April 28, 2004

Just a few comments

Kerry should lay out instead a program to rebuild America and put Americans back to work. Repeal the top-end tax cuts, close the corporate loopholes and Bermuda tax dodges, and use that money to build houses and schools, modernize sewer and electrical lines, repair roads and bridges. That would create jobs here, put people back to work and generate a recovery that helps bring the deficits down

The federal government should not be in the business of building and maintaining houses. Nor should it be involved in building local schools, I would think the local government should be able to handle that just fine, if they can't I am sure people will be willing to move to the next country where they can handle it.

Modernize sewer lines?!?!? How can you modernize sewer lines?!?! Either they pipe is broken, or it is just fine. I can see modernizing the water lines such as replacing lead pipes for health reasons. Sewers have very little health concerns, as long as the pipe is not leaking.

Modernize electrical lines, I can see the point here, given that American had the largest power outages last year that I have ever seen. Although that is improving the electrical gird and the process surrounding it, the lines to you house still work fine. And there are certain activates that can be done to ensure the lines work fine, such as yearly trimming of the trees around power lines.

Repair roads and bridges, I can see that argument, because having a good transportation infrastructure will increase economic activity, but I suppose that they will want to tax gas next to keep people from driving and pay for the new roads which were built and no one is riding on because gas is too high.

So we new to rebuild America? I am still not seeing the entire basis of the point. Rebuild it to create jobs (low paying manual labor jobs, which are around as long is there is rebuilding to do), or just let the economy create better paying jobs where you have to actually have skills to do the job.

This battle will go down to the final hour. Exchanging jabs and sucker punches won't suffice for the challenger. Kerry must make himself a source of hope and vision, and place himself clearly on the side of poor and working Americans. That contrast with Bush's negative and ugly campaign will be stark indeed.

What is the funniest part of the article is that the person is telling Kerry to be a beacon of hope, and contrast Bush's negative campaign, while barley containing their anger at bush. The Democratic Party is the angry party, and there is not much they can do to shake that image for this campaign year. They have dean to thank for that.


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