Monday, April 26, 2004

What I sent to the NEA

I am a high ranking member of a very prestigious, very influential school broad. Many of the higher ups in you organization know me by name, and share internal secrets with me. Several of you recent success can be directly related to my support. I just read an article on the fox news website, and I am appalled.

"The National Education Association (search), a 2.7 million member teachers' union, is a co-sponsor for the pro-abortion rights March for Women's Lives (search), ",2933,117944,00.html

Let me get this straight, the group responsible for teaching the children of American,also would not lift a finger if many of they were being sucked out through a plastic tube early in life.

You cannot be whole heartily for teaching my children and also not be willing to protect their life when they are in their most defenseless state. I know some teachers are not that bright, and most likely their secretaries are not that bright either. So let me spell it out for you. This is a conflict of interest.

The situation above, being both for abortion and teaching children to the best of you ability, is much like me being in favor for eating my favorite food, but allowing killing the worlds best chefs who make the food I enjoy most.

I have discovered you agenda, and have made arrangements in case you come after me in any way, politically, financially, or even threaten my life.

I hope elect to use the god given choice that every man in the world has and kill yourself in the most violent way.


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