Friday, April 02, 2004


I cannot see a real difference between a library that places a photocopy machine in a room full of copyrighted material and a computer user that places a personal copy on a shared directory," von Finckenstein said.

What if that library placed hundreds of thousands of copiers, which made perfect copies, and where available 24 hours a day. Also entire books where copied in minutes, the books are free, and there is a searching service that allows you to find the book you want in seconds. That is the kind of highscale high quality coping we are talking about.

Although, I love free music as much as anyone and large portions of the CD's I buy don't go to artist. There is no way that I can rationalize downloading free music (Unless it is not for sale. Such as you can't go to the record store and buy it. Then downloading it is ok. Or if all you music got stolen, and you are just replacing what you had. Or making copies of you new CD so that you will have it forever. That is also ok. )

This man has missed the fundamental part of digital technology combined with P2P technology which makes it so cool, and so dangerous to the record association. Which that association needs to change it's methods, if it wants to be around in 20 years.


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