Wednesday, April 14, 2004

Where are the refugees

If it is so bad in Iraq where are the hundreds of thousands of refugees that would be walking out of Iraq?

If the fighting is so bad and destructive in certain cities, why don't they go to another city?

I know that their economy is shot, and unemployment is high. I also know that most people in Iraq receive food from the government. Well why don't they just pick up and move to another part of the country?

If it sucked where I was, I would start walking with everything on my back.

Update: Also, where are all these people that want to fight for Iraq coming from, they were not there the first 20 years of Saddam's rule. Did they all of a sudden get a back bone? Are they just now ready to fight for what they believe in, and one year ago they were not ready? I think really don't see how their intentions can be better or worse than the American's. Also, I do not understand they thinking at all.


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