Wednesday, April 21, 2004

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None of the 22 Arab countries has a democratically elected government. Iraq has scheduled elections for January 2005 but remains under U.S. occupation with a government of hand-picked Iraqis. The Arabs of Israel have second-class citizenship -- but more freedom than most of their Arab neighbors. And when the Bush administration put forward a democracy initiative, to be formally unveiled in June at the G-8 summit, Arab governments were so discombobulated they cancelled a summit meeting rather than publicly discuss the issue.

Do you really expect the people in power to actually talk about lessening their own power? That really does not make sense. Llet me review the Magna Carter.

1215 The Magna Carter was signed by King John and it acknowledged that free men were entitled to judgement by their peers, and that even a sovereign was not above law.

Now the important part is how it was signed.

On June 15, 1215, the barons of Medieval England confronted King John at at Runnymede, and forced the king to put his seal on the Magna Carta. King John had been an unpopular king who abused his power, oppressed his subjects, and angered the barons by increasing taxes and demanding many soldiers for his military campaigns abroad.

Which although many leaders in Arab countries hid behind their religion, that most likely will not last forever. My only hope is that the transition will be less bloody than the current one we are in.

"The fault lies with us not with Israel or the U.S. Until today, we still don't know how to win friends. We don't know how to act like Israel, which speaks to the United States with one voice, unlike the Arabs who speak in 24 voices -- one for each country. Even now the Arabs aren't able to get rid of their tribal mentality. They still act in groups and organizations with each hating the other. We have miserably failed to act as one."

The above statement is so true. At least some are seeing the dysfunctional society they live in and the lack of freedoms they have. It will just take many more seeing this fact, and some willing to die for their freedom before anything changes.

"Amidst all the breast-beating and denouncements we don't see any action. That makes us ask why is Israel attacking us? Why is that country in control of our destiny? Why it is being accepted, loved and pampered by the United States?

Another problem with the Arab world is that they are nearsighted. Do you really think that America can hold on to it status as top dog for ever? If they formed an Arab trading bloc, and worked together to build up their own economies. They could rival the power of the US and Europe, but their hatred for the Jews blinds them to the economic opportunities at their own poorly shod feet.


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