Monday, April 26, 2004

Choice and the same article,2933,117944,00.html

This is a paradox, they are for a woman having the right to choose what is done to her body. Which I am all for that. A woman could choose not to have sex because she could get pregnant. A woman could also choose not to kill her own unwanted child (although some don't and that practice needs to stop).

Yet, they are against school systems deciding who to hire and fire (ever notice their is only a one letter difference between the words "hire" and "fire"). The are also against the market choosing how gets paid the most. They are also against kids having the choice of which schools they attend (part of the NCLB act, which Unions are against).

Wait a minute.....I have figured it out. If more abortions occur, teachers have less poor, dirty, unwanted children to teach. So that means per child, they are getting paid more. That is why the teachers union is for abortion. I think that is a conflict of interest.

I am really pissed, and I am going to send an email about this one.


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