Tuesday, April 20, 2004

A sad story


I empathize and sympathize with this mother, but this lawsuit is an attempt to place blame. When the mother should place the blame on herself for not knowing where her own son was and what he was doing.

The mother of a 19-year-old killed in a traffic accident is suing Coors Brewing Co., claiming that it promotes underage drinking.

If this child was incapable of deciding when to drink or even not to drink, then he was her responsibility. Instead she want to say that Coors made the kid drink. I place this lawsuit up there with suing McDonalds. It makes about as much sense.

Also named in the suit were Ryan Pisco's girlfriend and her mother. The lawsuit alleges the girlfriend allowed Pisco, who lacked a valid driver's license, to drive off in her car, which had been given to her by her mother.

This is shotgun blast of a lawsuit that might hit a few things, but the animals it is trying to kill are too big for the shot to do any real lasting damage.

Secondly, the kid was 19. I feel there is a real ambiguity between 18 and 21. You can't drink or dive until you are 21, but yet you can fight and die for you country in a foreign land. Which I support phasing in responsibilities for young people, but it should be done with common sense. The age of miltary service does not make sense if you can't drink until you are 21 or drinking at 21 does not make sense if you can be drafted at 18.


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