Saturday, April 03, 2004

Something is Fishy

Ok so 300,000 jobs have been created, but the unemployment rate when up to 5.7 because "more people started looking for work"

well...The working population of America is 140 million which about 8 million of those need jobs.

That puts the unemployment rate at about 5.7 percent.

Every percent is worth 1.4 million and every one one hundredth percent is worth 140,000 thousand.

If 300,000 jobs were created with the unemployment rate being 5.6, it should have dropped to 5.4, but as it happened around 440, 000 people started looking for jobs. What are all the unemployed people talking to each other, or rather did more people start looking for jobs because their money ran out.

The economy needs to create a good many useful jobs over the next few months to handle the new influx of jobless claims coming in if that is the case.

The government has a wide information hole. The know when people start work, but they don't know when people leave work. They only know the number of people who are receiving unemployment benefits. This causes the numbers to be lower and weird blips to happen like this, when a large influx of people claiming unemployment comes in.


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