Tuesday, April 13, 2004

The wave is starting...

Here is some info that you may not know.


What is ethanol?
Ethanol is a high octane, liquid, domestic and renewable fuel, produced by the fermentation of plant sugars. In the United States, ethanol is typically produced from corn and other grain products, although in the future it may be economically produced from other biomass resources such as agricultural and forestry wastes or specially grown energy crops.

E85 has an octane of approximately 105.
E85 sells for approximately the same price as unleaded gasoline.
Ethanol reduces the incidence of greenhouse gas emissions.
Ethanol is domestically produced and promotes energy independence.
Ethanol production increases the value of feed grains grown by farmers.
Ethanol is biodegradable and does not contaminate water.
Ethanol can be produced from a number of different feedstocks including paper and agricultural waste.

The site is amazing, and really gives some great info on Ethanol, E85 (two different products), and flexible fuel vehicles.


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