Monday, April 19, 2004

The rest of the world

Democratic presidential candidate John Kerry said President George W. Bush's international policies have been ``arrogant'' and may keep other countries from working with the U.S. in future.

Really or is it the rest of the worlds arrogance' in not being willing to work with us?

The rest of the world decided to help us out in Afghanistan, but they seem unwilling to help us out in Iraq. Even though they (though the UN) had condemned Saddam, and demanded that he disarm. The rest of the world was unwilling to stand behind the resolutions they had issued.

Europe has a history of ignoring threats until it is too late. America had done that one more than one occasion, also. Pearl Harbor, Oklahoma City bombing, and 9-11 are prime examples of America not rising until the threat makes itself painfully clear.

For once America decided to do a preemptive threat removal. People can say that Saddam did not have WMD's, but they can't say he did not want to make them. Saddam may have not been clear and present threat (that is something, I have not seen proven or disproved yet though), but Libya, Iran, North Korea all are/where.

Those threats have lessened or at least have been exposed (by knowing a problem is there, it is less of a problem). The world in some of the cases has helped us out (Iran, although support for out position is weak), in other cases it has left us to our own devices, while critiquing the stance America takes (Libya, and North Korea).

Note: It took months for the US to convince China that it might be a good idea to work on the North Korea problem, while the world critiqued America for wanting to take a multilateral stance.

The world is safer from major threats than it was four years ago, but yet individual countries keep wanting to go back to their little corner of the world, and ignore countries which are building killer weapons and have an agenda to use them.
I really care for the rest of the world, but if the rest of the world does not want out protection we don't have to offer it.
America cannot allow it's security to be put into the hands of countries or comprised by countries not willing to protect their selves.


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