Thursday, April 22, 2004

Never against the easy cash.

Here are my predictions for today's lotto numbers (this is the new power ball game that they are starting today in my home state of TN)

ball 1 ball 2 ball 3 ball 4 ball 5 power ball
this set is more likely
26 19 42 6 5 20
26 34 5 6 17 20

this set is less likely
26 19 42 6 5 6
26 34 5 6 17 6

I used a combination of voodoo, math , reganomics , relationship math (a form of math a few of my friends invented, it is not really math, but more a weighting that adds onto regular math), and pizza math (a subset of regular math. This is used to decide if 2 six inch pizza's are better than one 11 inch pizza. The varaibles can be customized to fit your pizza (s)) to solve this problem.

Hope it works out for you.


Here where the nubers for Wed.

8 11 34 42 51 27

Every single number i picked had at least one of the numbers in the winning number i would have won exactly.....hold on let me do the calcuations.......nothing.

Thanks for playing.

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