Monday, April 26, 2004

What is different about America?

America is a very unique country. Everyone choose to come here because they felt there was more opportunity here (all but the American Slaves, even Native Americans choose to come here because of the opportunity). I feel this has bred Americans to view the world a little differently.

What would happen if you took the most dedicated, stubborn, headstrong, adventurous, and least risk adverse and bred them together. You would have America, my friend. Americans are fundamentally different than the rest of the world. I believe Americans are genetically bread to take risks, be self sufficient, and get things done one way or another. We are risk takers, adventurous, stubborn, and headstrong by nature.

On Iraq, the OIC stresssed the importance of a "central role" for the United Nations and urged the UN Security Council to adopt a new resolution which would give it a mandate to ensure "the restoration of sovereignty and full independence to the Iraqi people".

I don't know if they mean UN troops, or not. But they definitely favor the UN handling the problem.

To me that is saying. America has a problem, we see the problem, and it is our problem also, but we want the UN to handle the problem (which we are members of) instead of actually handling it ourselves, or making a real stand in anyway whatsoever.

I am sure everyone is aware of problem with shared work loads that happened in groups. Some people end up doing all the work, while some do a lot less then they would have had to do by themselves. It really seems like the OIC is trying to take advantage of the group dynamic here. They can suggest the group do the work, while they don't have to do anything politically costly or overly risky. The fact of the matter is, many of the other countries in the world are unwilling to put their money where their mouth is.


It condemned violence by both the occupation forces and Iraqi groups, calling on the US-led coalition to comply with the Geneva conventions on the treatment of civilians while criticising "heinous acts of terrorism" carried out by anti-coalition groups.

Walking both sides of the line, is what the Arabs are good at. The don't want to piss off America, but they don't want to piss off the extremist (which they are a lot meaner than Americans anyways), and are right next door (a notable exception is Saudi Arabia) . If other countries really felt that America was the great Satan, why don't they start a war with us, and finish us off. Or if they really believed that the terrorist were that bad, why don't the help us out. Instead, they chose to issue statements and do nothing. Consequently their fate is decided by the ones who are the most aggressive, or have a better system. Communism failed because they could not out produce us, Islamic states will fail because inaction.


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