Tuesday, April 20, 2004

Who wins this....

Person One: Put down you gun [to person two].
Person Two: No, put down you gun [to person one].

...and continue that forever.

Well in the case of North Korea, either the person who shoots first or the person with the most guns / more powerful guns wins.

It seems like we are in an endless cycle of repeating ourselves. I guess repeating ourselves is better than a nuclear war.

China, along with the U.S., South Korea, Japan and Russia, are trying to persuade North Korea to break the impasse over its nuclear development program. Talks have foundered on U.S. demands that North Korea dismantle its nuclear program as a precondition to any talks on restoration of food and fuel aid. North Korea has demanded that the U.S. give guarantees that won't attack and pledge food and financial aid before the communist country can commit to any nuclear disarmament plan.

Does it seem that the other countries are afraid of North Korea?
Or are they afraid if they put pressure on him that the will crack and they will be forced to fry in with a few major Nuclear bombs?

I think it is the latter myself. Of course they have more to lose by letting the creep continue like this, but oh well.



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